Clients have said:

"Thank you for all your outstanding work! I learned a lot working with you and I believe I am a much better writer as a result. That has been very valuable to me."
- Robert Cheeke, author of Shred It!

�As a first time author, I needed a lot of guidance to take my first novel from dream to reality.  I found Karen to be thorough, sensitive, concise and professional at all times.  I would not have been able to write and publish my book without her.�
- Cheryl Jackson Poules, author of The Empaths of Drayon

 �Karen challenged me to make necessary changes without asking me to forsake my voice and that was really important to me.  She was not only a �nuts and bolts� editor when it came to punctuation and grammar, but she took a genuine interest in the flow and content. �
- Tricia Woods-Dampier, author of Some of My Best Friends Are Beauty Queens

�You have made a HUGE difference in my life. My realization is that before you, I was a storyteller � now I feel like I�m on the path to being a real author.�
- Liz Beerman, author of



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As a writer, it's important to step back from your writing and let an objective set of eyes see your work from a reader's point of view. 

Editing isn't just about technical correctness, it's about keeping your prose moving, engaging, and convincing.

A four-time award-winning editor and former executive director of the Colorado Independent Publishing Association with over 20 years in the publishing industry. I offer complimentary, no obligation sample edits and quotes. Use the Contact link below.

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